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No Logins, No Hassle

With Alloo Locator, skip the tedious logins and sign-ups, while keeping your anonymity intact. Dive straight into the app and start tracking your loved ones immediately.

Data Privacy at Its Best

Your privacy matters to us. With Alloo Locator, rest assured that no data is stored on our servers. Your family's information remains in your control, giving you peace of mind.

Top-Notch Data Encryption

We take security seriously. All location data in Alloo Locator is encrypted, providing an additional layer of protection for your family's peace of mind.

Free to Use

To maintain our commitment to a free experience, Alloo Locator is supported by carefully curated ads. Rest assured, these ads are non-intrusive and will never compromise the core functionality of the app.

Key Features:

- Private Circles
- Real-time location
- Location history
- Safe Zones & Places
- Smart Alerts & Notification
- Surrounding Sounds Monitoring
- Video and Photo Sharing Capability
- Screen Status Monitoring
- Call Detection
- Loud Phone Ringing
- Private Text Messaging
- Voice Messages
- Emergency SOS Button
- Visible/Invisible button

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Stay Connected Offline

Even without an internet connection, Alloo Locator continues tracking locations. You'll always be in the loop, no matter the circumstances. 


Say goodbye to excessive battery drain. Alloo Locator is designed to consume minimal battery, ensuring you can use it all day.

User-Friendly Setup

Setting up Alloo Locator is a breeze! Our easy-to-use app ensures that you and your loved ones can start tracking each other's locations effortlessly.

Real-time location

 Instantly know where your loved ones are with real-time location updates. See their exact whereabouts on a user-friendly map, so you can be there for them when they need you the most.

Location history

 Relive your loved ones' journeys and activities with our comprehensive 7-Day Location History. Access a detailed record of their whereabouts over the past week for enhanced peace of mind. 

Surroundings Monitoring

 Remotely listen to surroundings sounds and watch videos near your loved ones. This powerful feature provides an added layer of protection, allowing you to be aware of their environment and act promptly in case of any danger.

SOS Button

Your family's safety is our top priority. With a single tap on the SOS button, your loved ones can send emergency alerts, including their precise location, to designated contacts, ensuring swift assistance during emergencies.

Invisible Mode

Need some personal space or privacy? Invisible Mode lets you discreetly go off the grid. When activated, your location remains hidden from your family members, giving you the freedom to explore without constant check-ins. 

Private Circles

Rest assured, your privacy is respected. Only members within your private circle can access each other's locations, ensuring a secure and trustworthy experience.

Safe Zones & Places

Create safe zones around important locations like home, school, or work. Receive instant notifications when your loved ones enter or leave these areas, ensuring their safety at all times.

Private Text Messaging

Share personal messages, updates, and emojis with your family members in a private chat. Express your love, share stories, and stay connected throughout the day. 

Voice Messages

Sometimes, words alone aren't enough. With our Voice Messaging feature, send audio clips to capture the warmth and emotion in your voice, making every conversation more personal and memorable.

Smart Alerts & Notifications

Get peace of mind with custom alerts and notifications. Stay informed when your loved ones arrive at or depart from specific places, or when their battery is running low or starting a call.

Screen Status Monitoring

Never miss a beat with our app's Screen Status Monitoring. Stay updated on when your family member's device screen is turned on. This feature helps you understand their active hours, ensuring you're not disturbing important moments or activities.

Call Detection

Worried about calling during an important conversation? Our Call Detection feature can detect whether your family member is currently on a call. With this knowledge, you can choose the right time to reach out and communicate effectively without interruptions.

Loud Phone Ringing

Can't reach your loved ones? Worry no more! Activate the "Loud Phone Ringing" feature remotely from the app. Their phones will ring loudly, making it easier to locate and connect with them, even when their devices are in silent or vibrate mode.

Easy Data Deletion

Need a fresh start? No worries! Alloo Locator lets you delete all your data effortlessly whenever you choose.

Customizable Privacy Settings

Your family's privacy is paramount. Alloo Locator allows you to tailor your privacy settings to suit your comfort level, ensuring that you're always in control.

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