Adding People to 'Alloo Locator' Circle: How-To!

Private Circles feature empowers you with control over who can access your location. By adding or becoming, a member of a Private Circle, you're entering a secure space where only designated individuals can view each other's whereabouts.

Creating a New Circle with 'Alloo Locator' App: How-To!

Private Circles feature prioritizes your privacy. By forming a private circle, you grant exclusive access to trusted members, enhancing security and trust. This ensures that only designated individuals can share and view each other's locations, providing a reliable and confidential experience you can count on.

Creating a New Place (Geofence) with 'Alloo Locator' App: How-To!

Set up secure areas and receive immediate notifications whenever your family members enter or exit these designated locations. This proactive alert system offers peace of mind by allowing you to stay informed about their movements in real time.

Change your Nickname and Avatar picture with "Alloo Locator" app!: How-To!

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